B2: Self-Check Crafts - sustainability self assessment in crafts enterprises (summary)

The aim of the module "Self-Check Crafts" is to make handicraft consultants and trainers of handicraft organisations as well as owners of enterprises in this field more familiar with the "Self-Check Crafts" tool's integral aspects. Sustainability management is to be conveyed to handicraft enterprises precisely and in step with actual practice by these means.

The module consists of five parts:

B2: Self-Check Crafts
Self-Check Crafts (Excel Sheet)
Guideline Self-Check Crafts


Component A: Introduction to self assessment and basics
B2-A1: Introduction and basics about sustainability self assessment
B2-A2: Brainstorming about "external- vs. self assessment"
B2-A3: Assessment instruments in companies
B2-A4: RADAR-Cycle
B2-A5: Initial Sustainability Check (INC)

Component B: Process of self assessment
B2-B1: Self assessment - process within the company
B2-B2: Movie about the self assessment instrument SAFE
B2-B3 "Self-Check Crafts" - planning of the implementation

Component C: Assessment sheet
B2-C1: Self assessment - the assessment sheet
B2-C2: Relevance of statements
B2-C3: Assessment of sections and statements
B2-C4: Visualisation of the assessment

Component D: Strengths / Potentials
B2-D1: The self assessment: strengths and potentials
B2-D2: Profiling: strengths and potentials for improvement
B2-D3: Determination of focus within the strengths-/potentials profile

Component E: Action planning
B2-E1: Self assessment - action plan
B2-E2: Formulating measures for improvement
B2-E3: Action planning