Welcome to the European project "Euro Crafts 21 – Developing Competencies for sustainable management in European Handicraft"!

The following tool is based on the main result of the project, the "Euro Crafts 21 Qualification and Consulting Concept", and offers you information and concrete working materials for sustainable management in European craft enterprises.

The "Qualification and Consulting Concept" has a modular structure and consists of two areas:

All modules follow the same structure. After an introductory module description (summary) the learning contents are presented in form of several components. Each component includes a number of working materials (downloads) from which an individual selection can be taken.

The → Trainer Information includes a Train-the-Trainer concept as a guideline for trainer and consultants for using the Euro Crafts 21 materials in practise. Furthermore you find general information about the → Project Euro Crafts 21 and → Contact to the several project partners. Main language of the Euro Crafts 21 tool is English; different materials are also available in other native languages.

The Euro Crafts 21 project team hopes you find useful material for your work towards a sustainable development!

The project EuroCrafts 21 was chosen as one of 22 best practice projects from the Lifelong Learning Programme from the European Union. The project will be presented at the conference “Skills for the Future” in Copenhagen (9-11 May 2012). For more information see