S1: Mission and Vision Statement / Strategy - From the overall vision of sustainability to a corporate future strategy (summary)

Every year, thousands of craft apply for bankruptcy. The difference between success and failure is often just an idea away. Who perceives changes in the market early on and responded to it, its market success ensures the future. The aim of this module is to show how in simple craft verbalize their self to their company, their products and services and how to use this understanding for a sustainable enterprise.

The module consists of three parts:

Module S1 available in the following languages:
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Component A: The corporate vision
S1-A1: Paint a picture of the vision
S1-A2: The enterprises vision
S1-A3: Mind map sustainable vision
S1-A4: A look back from the future: The sustainable enterprise

Component B: The vision development
S1-B1: The vision creation
S1-B2: Formulate Key phrases for the development of vision
S1-B3: Role plays to facilitate the vision development
S1-B4: Method 66 - vision checklist

Component C: The business strategy
S1-C1: The business strategy
S1-C2: Dialogue for business strategy: pro-contra debate
S1-C3: Product target group map
S1-C4: SWOT-Analysis