S10: Product Cycle and Usability (summary)

This "Product Life Cycle and Usability" module focuses on design and usability methods suitable for different stages of the design and product development process. Component A focuses on life cycle thinking and discusses the basics of life cycle design. Component B focuses on the planning of usability testing. Component C examines a number of different methods for testing usability.

The module consists of three parts:

→ S10: Product cycle and Usability


Component A: Life Cycle Thinking
S10-A1 Life Cycle Thinking (PPP)
S10-A2: B1-C5 Future-Oriented Product Life Cycle
S10-A3: Life Cycle Checklist

Component B: Usability
S10-B1: Usability (PPP)
S10-B2: Orientation to Usability
S10-B3: Chart on the Selection of the Usability Methods
S10-B4: Planning of Usability Testing

Component C: Methods for testing usability
S10-C1: Model Table for Using the Observation Method
S10-C2: Context mapping