S11: Project Management (summary)

Organizations are increasingly using project management because it allows to plan and organize resources to achieve a specified outcome within a given timeframe. The techniques of project management help the companies manage a more sustainable business. The purpose of this module is to gain an understanding of project management and to give a brief overview of the methodology that underpins most formally run projects.

The module consists of three parts:

→ S11: Project Management


Component A: Project concept, basics of the project cycle management
S11-A1: Power Point Presentation: Basics of the project cycle management
S11-A2: Differences between a project and daily tasks
S11-A3: Positive and negative effects of projects

Component B: Planning of projects, Logical Framework Approach
S11-B1: Power Point Presentation: Planning of projects, Logical Framework Approach
S11-B2: Problem tree - Goal tree
S11-B3: Analysis of the Project Stakeholder
S11-B4: Building a Logframe Matrix I
S11-B5: Building a Logframe Matrix II

Component C: Implementation of projects
S11-C1: Power Point Presentation: Implementation of projects
S11-C2: Characteristics of a Good Project Manager
S11-C3: Filling in the Responsibility Matrix