S12: Innovation (summary)

Comparing to the EU average and to the large corporations SME in Slovakia lags in innovation performance and hence the competitiveness. To ensure sustainable development of SMEs is important to increase its innovative performance. It is therefore necessary to find new, progressive forms of innovation management. Module S12 - Innovations focuses its attention on encouraging SMEs to use new, more open forms of innovation management, integration into the clusters and cluster initiatives to acquire basic knowledge about the industrial property protection and the use of advanced methods of flexible work focused on telework.

The module consists of three parts:

→ S12: Innovation


Component A: Clusters
S12-A1: Power Point presentation "Clusters"
S12-A2: Game No. 1
S12-A3: List of cluster web sides in Slovakia

Component B: Open innovation
S12-B1: Power Point presentation "Open innovation"
S12-B2: Game No. 2
S12-B3: Video-Networked students
S12-B4: List of important web sides

Component C: Industrial property
S12-C1: Contact form for service "Pre-diagnosis of industrial property"
S12-C2: Power Point presentation "Industrial property- basement"
S12-C3: The procedure from patent filing to patent grant
S12-C4: List of relevant web links and a list of regulations

Component D: Teleworking
S12-D1: Flexible forms of work
S12-D2: Telework implementation methodology