S14: Environmental Technologies (summary)

This module will be introduced different management strategies of environmental technologies; it will explain the concepts of eco-innovation and eco-efficiency, as well as describing the typologies of environmental technologies and different methods of evaluation.

The module consists of four parts:

→ S14: Environmental Technologies


Component A: Environmental management in enterprises
S14-A1 Environmental management in enterprises (ppt)
S14-A2 Corrective and preventive measures
S14-A3 Pros and cons of strategic measures of environmental management

Component B: Eco-innovation
S14-B1 Eco-innovation (ppt)
S14-B2 Future vision of the company
S14-B3 Mind map of eco-innovation trends

Component C: Types of ET
S14-C1 Types of ET (ppt)
S14-C2 Flowchart
S14-C3 Diagram Sankey

Component D: Management of ET
S14-D1 Management of ET (ppt)
S14-D2 AHP
S14-D3 Excel Sheet for calculating priorities with AHP