S2: Customer needs (summary)

The knowledge about its customers (both regular customers and potential new customers) and their needs and desires is crucial to the future viability of a company.

The module consists of four parts:

Module S2 available in the following languages:
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Component A: Customer analysis
S2-A1: Customer analysis
S2-A2: Questionnaire customer analysis
S2-A3: Customer map

Component B: Customer satisfaction
S2-B1: Customer satisfaction
S2-B2: The buying process
S2-B3: How to arouse customer's interest (discussion)

Component C: Measuring customer satisfaction
S2-C1: Measuring customer satisfaction
S2-C2: Developing a snapshot
S2-C3: Preparing a written survey
S2-C4: Plan regulars' table for customers

Component D: Dealing with complaints
S2-D1: Dealing with complaints and grievances
S2-D2: Play roles "Dealing with complaints"
S2-D3: Book for complaints