S3: Innovative and sustainable business segments (summary)

This training module aims to raise one for when businesses are future orientated in the sense of sustainable development. Second, to develop skills for participants in a seminar on this subject to develop future business, adapted to their experiences and to the specific nature of their craft sector. In which of areas new sustainable business models occur is always up to the companies. Finally, the participants learn about ideas to asses the marketability of their products and services.

The module consists of three parts:

Module S3 available in the following languages:
→ German
→ Spanish


Component A: Sustainability of business segments
S3-A1: Mind map societal trends
S3-A2: Mind map impact of trends
S3-A3: The market for seniors
S3-A4: Health and wellness
S3-A5: Resource scarcity

Component B: Creativity techniques
S3-B1: Creativity techniques
S3-B2: Brainstorming
S3-B3: Brain writing
S3-B4: Creating the K - N - P - matrix

Component C: Assessment of marketability
S3-C1: Ability to assess marketability
S3-C2: Portfolio technique
S3-C3: Application areas of the portfolio technique