S4 Marketing (summary)

This module on "Marketing Concepts" deals mainly with the question on how to get from the current status to a set target. It introduces tools in the frame of the marketing-mix - in particular, tools for communication politics - as well as under which conditions they should be introduced. Also there is the question on how to monitor efficiency and how to proceed. And finally the aspects of sustainability are considered explicitly, exceeding conventional approaches to Marketing.

The module consists of four parts:

→ S4: Marketing Concept
→ S4: Marketing Concept (Addition: Component D)


Component A: From current status to target state - determining marketing goals
S4-A1: Marketing goals
S4-A2: Marketing goal accumulator
S4-A3: Marketing goals - determination
S4-A4: Analysis of the clientele

Component B: Marketing mix tools
S4-B1: Marketing mix tools
S4-B2: Planning advertising measures
S4-B3: Plan an image campaign
S4-B4: Role play "sales talk"

Component C: Options for monitoring marketing efficiency
S4-C1: Marketing efficiency check
S4-C2: Help on marketing efficiency checks

Component D: Marketing and Sustainability
S4-D1: Problems from a not sustainable marketing
S4-D2: Measures for sustainable marketing - triangle of sustainability
S4-D3: 4x3 P's: Sustainable Marketing check
S4-D4: 6 Level-Marketing for a sustainable development of a company
S4-D5: Green Marketing