S5: Process Management (summary)

The module "process management" is about the optimization of specific organizational processes in the company. Often enough non-optimized processes lead to increased costs, and therefore damage the competitiveness. The business process management helps to determine such cost drivers (see component A) and to counteract with concrete measures, without creating new cost drivers caused by excessive perfectionism.

The module consists of three parts:

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Component A: Introduction to process management
S5-A1: Introduction to process management
S5-A2: Process management: cost vs. benefits
S5-A3: Processes in your company
S5-A4: Process-oriented structural organisation

Component B: Process planning and shaping
S5-B1: Process profile
S5-B2: Core-, managerial- and support-processes
S5-B3: Creating a process map

Component C: Assess and optimise processes
S5-C1: Process objectives
S5-C2: Assess processes
S5-C3: Assess process maturity
S5-C4: Optimise processes