S6: Internal Communication (summary)

Building on the basics, crafts enterprises learn how to determine their target groups by simple means, which media and tools are available, and how information needs and structures can be worked out. Finally, the module presents a possible approach for working out a communication plan and concept.

The module consists of fife parts:

Module S6 available in the following languages:
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Component A: Basics of corporate communication
S6-A1: Internal communication
S6-A2: Discussion: definitions of communication
S6-A3: Objects on the topic internal corporate communication
S6-A4: Hats practice to the subject communication
S6-A5: Role play to the subject communication

Component B: Target groups for communication
S6-B1: Stakeholder analysis
S6-B2: Audiences for corporate communications
S6-B3: Classification of target groups according to their importance

Component C: Media /instruments for internal communication
S6-C1: Ways of communication (media)
S6-C2: Discussion-checklist media
S6-C3: Ways of communication - event-oriented selection

Component D: Information demands and structures
S6-D1: Internal organisational structures
S6-D2: Internal information requirements
S6 D3: Puzzle for corporate communications
S6-D4: Measurable achievements through communication - "good practice" in the own enterprise

Component E: Concept for internal communication
S6-E1: Action planning
S6-E2: Communication plan
S6-E3: Letter to yourself
S6-E4: Coaching for internal communication