S7: Key figures for Corporate Management (summary)

In order to find significant strategic company goals, it is useful to think in business-goal perspective. Here, in addition to the perspective of finance, the perspectives of clients, processes and potentials should be considered in particular.

The module consists of three parts:

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Component A: Goals and goal perspective
S7-A1: Goals, goal perspective and target selection
S7-A2: Assign strategic goals
S7-A3: Broaden the goal perspectives

Component B: Goal selection
S7-B1: Recognise cause-effect relationships
S7-B2: Cause-effect relationships and employees
S4 B3: Target selection with the help of a portfolio

Component C: Determine, formulate and implement key figures
S7-C1: Storage of key figures
S7-C2: What are key figures?
S7-C3: Develop key figures