S8: Continuous Improvement Process (summary)

To introduce a continuous improvement process (CIP) in a company permanently is not easy, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises in the craft. The module "Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)" gives some help, by highlighting the principles of continuous improvement in more detail, by presenting an introductory model and by explaining some basic methods of continuous improvement in more detail.

The module consists of three parts:

Module S8 available in the following languages:
→ German
→ Slovakian


Component A: Basics of Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)
S8-A1: Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)
S8-A2: Sustainability self-assessment and CIP
S8-A3: Principles in the own company - a group discussion
S8-A4: What can't be seen in a computer…

Component B: An introduction model to CIP
S8-B1: Introduction model to CIP
S8-B2: What's to be considered when introducing CIP?
S8-B3: Plan an internal kick-off event!

Component C: Methods of CIP and its application
S8-C1: Methods of the CIP at a glance
S8-C2: Search for waste "on site"
S8-C3: Agreement on targets with process overview
S8-C4: CIP-presentation board in a clear design