S9: Sustainability Communications and Reporting (summary)

This module covers aspects of communicating and reporting about sustainability. It deals with the question of what sustainability communication and reporting actually stands for, before moving on to describing the effect and the process of sustainability communication and reporting. This module supports companies to approach communication as a systemic corporate issue, to improve the conditions and possibilities under which sustainability is communicated, to invest in communication for double loop learning, which means to become aware of direct and indirect impacts of communication activities.

The module consists of three parts:

→ S9: Sustainability Communications and Reporting


Component B: Communicating sustainability
S9-B1: Stakeholder Identification and Analysis
S9-B2: Profile of Key Stakeholders
S9-B3: Developing a Communication Plan

Component C: Sustainability reporting in the crafts sector
S9-C1: Basic Message of Reporting
S9-C2: Identify Topics for Reporting
S9-C3: Corporate Review on Sustainable Development