Trainer Information

This "Trainer Information" has been designed in form of a train-the-trainer (ttt) concept. The information can also be adapted and directly used by trainers and consultants for the implementation of the Euro Crafts 21 qualification and consulting concept in crafts enterprises.

Core objective of the Euro Crafts 21 train-the-trainer concept is the teaching of contents and methodological approaches in the frame of workshops. This approach has been successfully tested during the project with about 70 trainers in five countries.

Participants of these workshops (trainer, consultants, teacher, as well as enterprises) should be qualified to implement the different contents and methods of sustainable management on the basis of the Euro Crafts 21 qualification and consulting concept (→ Introduction) in the practice of craft and other small enterprises.

A detailed description of this train-the-Trainer (ttt) concept and the documentation of the implementation in the frame of the project Euro Crafts 21 are described in detail in the following download.

→ Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Workshop Concept (English)
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